Want To Improve Performance? Just Ask…

There are various tools and techniques you can use to assess your business or organizational performance, right? But, which ones should I use?  I won’t get into a discussion about answering that question here. But rather, I will give you some simple advice. Use this one and it won’t cost you a thing. Get out there and talk to people. Some of the best information that you can gather comes from the folks on the front- line. From my perspective, consider asking them two basic open-ended questions and LISTEN:

  • Could you tell me the top two or three things that help you do your job well?
  • Could you tell me the top two or three things that prevent you from doing your job well?

Let them speak openly, and strike up an open conversation with them. If you give them the time and are sincere with them, you stand to gain a wealth of information to help you start improving your performance.


Why Is Strategic Planning Important?

Nowadays, customer and stakeholder needs, perceptions, and expectations are constantly changing. There are different drivers that make our culture, market, and environment so dynamic. How can a business, organization, or entrepreneur keep ahead of the curve to assure they are doing the right things and at the right time? Using an effective strategic planning process can help you anticipate what to plan for and execute for continued short and long term success. But, keep in mind, strategic planning is not just a once and done exercise. A continued focus on the right drivers and managing your performance trends should help assure that your plan continues to point you in the right direction.

Should Leadership Always Come From the Top?

In many respects, and depending upon the situation, circumstances, or events, leadership should start and come from the top. But, not always…By taking advantage of their own core values and skill sets, every member of a team can have something to contribute to the team leadership effort in unique ways. Especially today, nurtured lateral leadership can play a significant role in driving change and success across businesses and organizations.


Collaboration – A Key Core Value?

Effective team collaboration is a key driver for any organization’s sustainable success. Of course, it all starts with the team leader at the top! An effective leader will encourage and promote a working environment that fosters collaboration throughout the organization. Promoting collaboration is a key core value and skill set that every CEO or leader should demonstrate and be held accountable. What do you think?

Making Your Mark The Right Way

There are many ways to make your mark in your profession, business, or career. Receiving a quality education, obtaining and developing the right skill sets, building meaningful networks and relationships are just a few that come to mind. But, if you don’t establish, build, and maintain your integrity and trust with your team, partners, stakeholders, clients, or customers, you certainly will not achieve sustainable success in anything you set out to do.

Earn Continual Trust and Respect With Your Team

In my business life, I’ve learned very early on that respect and trust is earned no matter what seat you occupy. If you are a team leader as a CEO, senior or mid-level manager, or a project lead, this article may be of interest to you. It cites nine simple ways to earn respect and trust with your team. But, respect and trust from your team will be gained and be sustainable only if you are sincere and consistent with this approach each and every day.

Are Communications Important? Bet On It…

Whether you are changing your organization’s strategy or direction, implementing a new process or system, or changing a policy or procedure, change affects people. If the right people aren’t communicated with effectively, and at the right times, you can bet that the desired change probably won’t be accepted nor achieved fully, on time, or at all. So how should we be communicating with people?