About Me


Inspiring Others To Achieve

Consulting Partner – Coach – Leader and Mentor

Guy is a career consulting professional and founder of GAC Insights where he has been helping individuals, small businesses, and organizations for more than twenty five years.

Before starting his consulting practice, Guy worked in high profile positions for over thirty years in management, training and development, and consulting disciplines for a Fortune 500 global energy company. He directed and managed various functions in corporate, customer service, and operations, led high profile change initiatives, and implemented best practices, to improve operational effectiveness, efficiency and value, customer and employee satisfaction, and business results.

During that time, Guy was also an active high school and college basketball official, actively participated in school and community organizations, and raised a family of three children all of whom have embarked on successful careers.

All of these experiences have given him a broad understanding of how to plan for and nurture success and develop, coach, and mentor people and teams at any level in individual, business, or organizational setting.

Guy has a B.S. Degree from La Salle University.

My Message To You:

“Whether you’re a small or large business or organization, it’s understandable that in today’s business world, you could face serious and unique challenges to be competitive and successful. It’s difficult achieving the right balance to satisfy customers, minimize costs, and be profitable. Financial, social, technological, and other market and competitive business drivers that constantly change, could threaten and change that balance for you every day.

We certainly understand the challenges that you face. At GAC Insights, we have partnered with and helped others that faced the same challenges as you. We want to help you too.”

We Inspire Others To Achieve

Let Us Help You Along Your Journey To Success


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